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We usually think about waterproof windows in the Monsoon season because Monsoon is referred to as the Rainy phase there are also sometimes locally heavy and short terms rains. Usually, in this time frame, we see a lot of problems like water leakage inside homes through windows, and also there will be opening or sliding issues due to waterlogging or high wind. In this season there will be a high bending issue with other windows. Now let us know Is windowfab uPVC windows are waterproof. 


Below are the mentioned some benefits of windowfab uPVC windows during Monsoon season. 


1) Waterproof:- During the Monsoon there is high water flushing towards casement windows or sliding windows but the latest technology used by windowfab uPVC windows and doors complying with Waterproof Standards BS EN 1027 & BS EN 12208  which acts as a Shield of Waterproof protection during the rainy season. As well as our windows are mechanized in such a way that if there is a water log in between the sliding track or in the casement frame it drains out through drainage holes which are mechanized in windows. 


2) Weatherproof:- Our uPVC windows and doors are designed with the latest technology no matter what if it is high-speed wind, high rain or it is cyclone it is tried, tested, and covered in the warranty. 


3) Right Fabrication and Installation:- uPVC windows and doors are crafted professionally with an exact measurement using lasers. Windows are waterproof if it is fabricated and installed perfectly.


4) Air Tightness:- All our uPVC windows are manufactured according to European standards and are manufactured and designed keeping in mind that there is no such air space or air leakage. 


5) Insects & flies free:- During the Monsoon season there will high amount of mosquitoes and flies which is a very annoying and disturbing situation in the house. For this also we have a solution, mesh that can be installed along with the window which can be fit easily and can be maintained easily without any technical manpower. 


You can now enjoy the fresh air and beauty of Monsoon without any stress of water leakage in your home with windowfab uPVC windows and doors.