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Firstly we would like to give small information about the Casement window. The casement window is nothing but an openable window using a casement stay.  A casement is a window attached with hinges with each side of the openable. By the start of the Victorian era, opening a Casement window was mainly made fully using timber. Casement can be both inward opening and outward openable. Varieties of casement windows are still used in various European countries. 


Benefits of Casement window

> Casement Window has lower air leakage. Because of this, there will be high sound insulation. 


> Casement window is excellent for Natural Ventilation in hot climates. This allows more airflow in the home. 


> There is a Contemporary modern soft line profile appearance in the casement which enhances the luxury look of the window. 


> When it comes to performance it has a 10mm sash overlap to enhance performance. 


> And glass which we use if Saint Gobain glass. And glass option available in the Casement window is from 4mm single to 36mm triple. 


> There is multiple Locking option in Casement Window. With secured hardware fitting into steel reinforcement as standard, we follow. 


> Energy Saving: - Casement window is more energy-saving because it completely gets tight and there will be no air gap to travel. This saves energy which is spent on AC to cool the room. 


> Operation in casement is effortless. Handle are easily opening and closing which makes operation of the window easy. 


> Cleaning a window is very easy because of 90 degrees and there are chambers to drain out water from windows. 


We would like to conclude this blog by saying that your house expresses your personality. This is why it is very important to choose the product which adds compliment to the house. Casement window is a great choice that enhances the look of the house whether it might be a modern house or a traditional house.  There is plenty of scope for customization as per the need as your taste and preferences which will suit your dream home. 


Windows have the potential to revamp the entire structure of the home. If you’re looking for a window then don't hesitate to opt for casement uPVC windows and doors. Casement window not only enhances looks but also provide more light and high ventilation. 


If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your casement window required? Search nowhere when windowfab is here. Then you don't need to worry as we take care right from starting that is from measurement till handover of the product. Not only this you can also get your designs customized which matches your theme, tastes, and preferences. 

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