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As you all know the main thing which attracts customers to restaurants is Aesthetics, Ambience, looks, and feel of the restaurant. Later on, it comes to food. Let us now share our experience which we had during the installation of windows at Biryani Zone. When we had an interaction with Biryani Zone they were looking for white uPVC windows. But after looking at their ambiance structure we suggested walnut color windows.

Many people still prefer wooden windows because of their special looks and appearance. But as you all know wooden windows require a lot of effort in manufacturing like selecting good wood, a Skilled carpenter and selecting quality hardware, Polishing, etc. This process is time and money consuming as wells as high maintenance in the future like painting, polishing.

Now let us know the advantages of colored uPVC windows for restaurants.

> As we all know that restaurants should always be Hygienic, Neat, and clean. So this involves regular cleaning and washing. When it comes to wooden windows washing regularly makes wooden windows Cracking, Loose, or torn caulking. This is an advantage we get by installing colored uPVC windows it is waterproof and it does not react to water.

> Maintenance Cost:- uPVC windows are maintenance-free it doesn't require any type of pest control service to protect the window from insect-proof and regular painting to maintain the finish of the window.

> Energy reduction:- uPVC windows reduce the energy costs. As we all know that there will be high heat inside premises in the restaurant this requires AC to cool temperature. when there are wooden or aluminum windows installed it takes high time and power to cool.

> Easy installation:- It does not require any effort for installation from your side. you just have to confirm the order and the rest we will take care of right from measurement till the installation of the windows and doors.

> Longevity:- when it comes to the life of Colored uPVC windows it is covered 20 years under companies warranty but life will be around 40-50 years.

we provide value products and services to the customer. Installing Colored uPVC windows helps to reduce cost, zero maintenance.