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In the previous blog, we have discussed that Why we as a windowfab has switched from LG Hausys to Encraft. In this blog, we would like to compare LG Hausys and Encraft in terms of Product. 


1) The first and most comparison is Product comparison based on Length and width. 

a) When we compare the 2.5T Sliding window with LG and Encraft. In LG Window outer frame Width is 88.5mm and the length is 50mm. Were as in Encraft outer frame width is 102 mm and the length is 52mm.  After comparison, we can easily make out that 13.5 mm increase in size to get more strength and wind load. 


2) In the above point we have covered a comparison of sliding windows in this point we will compare casement window frames with LG and Encraft uPVC windows. In LG we get the outer frame as 60mm x 60mm. were as in Encraft outer frame is 62mm x 62mm. and there is an increase of 2mm. 


3) In the Encraft profile we can use Box steel re-enforcement for structural strength in Outer frames. Were as in LG we can use only U shape re-enforcement because of that there will be less strength compared to Encraft uPVC windows. And U shape re-enforcement price is less compared to Box steel re-enforcement and very less manufacturer make Box steel re-enforcement. 


4)In Encraft we use a TPE gasket for excellent sealing were as in LG uPVC windows we were using EPDM gasket when compared to EPDM gasket TPE gasket has more life.


5) Encraft is 100% local productions to European standards with latest technologies were as LG uPVC windows are as per Korean standards. 


6) Number of chambers is high in Encraft when compared to LG. This means if there are number of chambers there will be high strength which will increase the longevity of the uPVC windows and doors.