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uPVC is a type of Polymer, it is formed when we remove plastic from PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). The capabilities of uPVC are so versatile that it replaces the Wood and aluminium in making windows and doors in the construction field. This silently protects the environment.  Aluminium to be extracted from ore or Wood is obtained by erasing the forest. Whereas the uPVC is a by-product of the crude oil, which we get when we refine the crude oil to get petroleum products.

uPVC is a lead-free product which is used in the Construction Industry for more reasons. The Profiles are designed in such a way that it guarantees Durability, Cost Effectiveness, High Operating Pressure Point, Good Fire retardant and last but not the least Long Lasting life.

The above picture explains why we should use uPVC profiles for windows and doors.

Have a look at the picture. This is an example of a Casement Window. There are three profiles used. The profiles are Hallow with Walls thick in size, and rest is reinforcements at different levels. On above that the profile is strengthened with steel reinforcement. The profile itself so intricate that the dust, sound and force air cannot enter inside. As the profiles are hollow, it weighs less than Wood, but because of the built it is strong, and steel reinforcement increases the strength also.

The window frame is fixed to the wall with Screws and Nails. And the sealant is used to lock the edges with a sealant to lock the gap between the wall and the window. 

Now if you see the picture, There are two ways thru which air, sound, dust, the heatwave will enter inside Home. One is from Frame of the window. Now that is fixed rightly with mechanical fitting and on that sealant is used for sealing the gap between the window frame and the wall.

The second one is thru the gap between the glass fittings. And the opening edges of the window.

If you see the picture there are two gaskets provided at Glass. The dust, air, a heatwave cannot enter the first gasket. If some quantity of air enters the first gasket(G), there is one more wall of Glass and gasket which completely seals the entry.

Air, dust heat cannot enter thru the window openings. Once the window is closed, there are three gaskets(G) at the edges of the window which stops a complete variety of pollution from outside.

Because this is made of Polymer, the frames will not rust. And the smooth surface finish of the profile will make it maintenance-free window.

Thus making the uPVC profiles Strong, Light in weight, all-weather Proof, less maintenance and long-lasting.

If you look at the points on the environment, it reduces, or you can also say zeros the use of Wood in windows and doors, on top of that the Polymer can be reused for the production of the profiles. That makes it very unique as we don't have invest, again and again, investing in the raw material.

We will discuss more on each benefit of the window profiles in the next blogs.