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The beauty of the uPVC windows and doors is available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Apart from ready sizes, it can also be customized to the requirement of the customers. We should understand the fundamental difference between the two types of uPVC windows and doors to choose the right window or door for their application. 


What is uPVC Sliding windows and doors?

Sliding windows made of uPVC consists of a Basic frame which has two or more rails. Mainframe rails are fitted with a minimum of two panes or more than two, which slides on the rails horizontally from left to right or vice versa. This kind of sliding arrangement creates extra space in a closed area.


uPVC sliding windows are suitable for period properties, which is their very strong USP. Typically wooden windows fixed has a single pane, and it is not energy efficient. We recommend that you can replace the same with new beautiful and tough uPVC windows so that it is energy efficient and also save space.


Super advantages of uPVC Sliding windows and doors:

  • The uPVC sliding doors and windows have a smooth movement, thanks to the nylon rollers at their bottom.
  • They have a particular rain track that allows a free-flowing drain system.
  • The touch lock feature of the doors and windows makes for secure locking and unlocking.
  • Sliding windows can wide open, making a place look spacious, thus allowing more fresh air and sunlight.
  • The windows are multi-chambered that makes them extra durable and allows better thermal conductivity.
  • There is an extra track that can be used for adding a mesh or a grill if required.
  • Like all the other uPVC solutions, these are weather and soundproof as well.
  • They feature a hurricane bar option that makes them strong enough to withstand heavy winds or storms.
  • Apart from having many features and benefits, these are also available in many colors, designs, and styles.
  • uPVC sliding doors do not need regular painting as those old wooden ones do. uPVC sliding windows are easy to maintain and look new for years to come. They don't bend, warp or corrode and are termite-proof.


What are Casement windows and doors? 

uPVC casement windows also have the mainframe which is fitted to the wall. The window panes are attached to the frames with hinges at the side. The panes can be opened or closed inwards or outwards. The Right Choice for the casement window is outwards opening and closing type. When the heavy wind blows, the panes shut with a bang. But in uPVC, the hinges are friction hinges, which prevents the windows from banging shut.


uPVC casement windows and doors are available variety of colors and finishes, making them extremely versatile. This provides a modern appearance which best suits to contemporary homes.


Super Advantages of uPVC Casement Doors

  • The casement doors can also open inwards, which can be extremely beneficial for areas with restricted access, such as a public pathway to the side of the building.
  • They are available in a wide range of looks and combinations of glass.
  • They are incredibly secure due to the embedded locking mechanism within the door frame. And are very energy efficient, which will save you money by insulating your home and reducing energy bills.
  • These doors have the widest opening of all the door types allowing maximum ventilation. Due to the full door plane, light is maximized into the room.


The right door can change the view of your property. The first impression is the best impression- so make it the right one!


While making the final choice on uPVC windows and doors, remember to look for Windowfab. Call them; they will be at your service. Helping you selecting the right informed choice by providing more information about the product. It is also important that select a right uPVC profile also, which gives you excellent insulation, protection against dust, Pollution, noise, and rain. Finally, it even ascends the beauty of your space.