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The factory

30 Jan 2020

At Windowfab, we strive for excellence by providing our customers with top-quality uPVC Windows and Doors and sincere services to ensure long term relationships with them. 

This is not an easy job. We found that keeping Top quality and long-term relation with customer needs to be taken care of by supplying quality products and services in time. For that, we need to have an excellent fabrication facility. Thus, we started planning of Windowfab Factory. We wanted to locate ourselves in a prime industrial area. So we choose the Peenya Industrial area, which is comfortable near to our head office.

The Managing Director Mr.Rudresh, Planned to have the factory in 15000 Sq. Ft. area. Now to maintain the quality, we need machinery with skilled man force to handle them. First, we have purchased the manufacturing machinery from Europe. After importing the machines, we have appointed experienced engineers to operate them. We sent them for training to use these machines. The Principle company of the machine well trains them for running and maintenance. Now the team is ready. Material is being purchased from LG Hausys, Korea and Encraft (Made in India).

With the trained 25 technical force and 20 unskilled persons, we started manufacturing activity at the plant. At Windowfab factory we comfortably make 200 windows per shift in a day. 

With this, we are not finished. Actually, the tough part of activity starts here. After manufacturing the windows and doors, we need to transport them to the customer location, which is not near to our office or factory. So at Windowfab factory, we have State of the art packing department to pack these finished windows and doors, which is transported to customer place. To carry, we have our vehicle.

Now the factory activity is ok. We are now coming part to site work. We have appointed a team of 20 Skilled human force to the site works. LG hausys train these skilled engineers. With the help of the installation team, Windowfab successfully installs the windows and doors at different project sites throughout Karnataka.

At Windowfab factory, we found some of the intricate fabrications cannot be done with the traditional machinery which is indigenous or imported. So the technical team at factory developed some of the Special purpose machines for doing particular operations. With these Windowfab factory has become one of the most trustable factories in manufacturing the uPVC windows and Doors in the State.

Last but not least, how to check the manufactured windows and doors quality? We have a solution for this also. We have developed in-house testing machinery for testing the quality and efficiency of the windows made.  Here we put the windows for the test to check the flaws of the manufacturing process. All the windows are quality. Thanks to the trained technical team and Quality Managers, the faults detected are less to the amount 3 – 5 %. 

Onsite installation is one of the essential activities. At Windowfab, we use silicone sealant for sealing the gap between the window frames and wall, for resisting the air, dust and notice inside your loving home.

Windowfab Factory proudly says that We keep our words. We deliver the top quality uPVC windows and doors. We do the installations to international quality. Thus having the relationship with customer for a long time. Which automatically fetches the reference orders and recognition to our organization.