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Windowfab uPVC windows and doors are the most preferred windows system by most of builders, architects, engineers, and homemakers. Our journey was started in 2017 and completed the installation of around 1 Million Sq.ft across Karnataka. 


Let us now deep dive into the manufacturing of the uPVC window profile.


The suitable uPVC formulation consists of the main raw materials which are mentioned below. 


> The main raw materials used in formulations are PVC resin


In addition to these 4 more additives are added they are:-

> Filler (Calcium Carbonate):- Filler is the stiffening agent added to the formulation in moderation to increase the stability, stiffness in the uPVC profile. 


> Titanium Dioxide:- It is the color pigment agent with the highest UV light reflector and it is the main reason which protects profile from fading and chalking. 


>Impact Modifier:- It enhances the resistance of uPVC profiles and ensures flexibility at a temperature below -20°Cand retention of strength at a temperature above +60°C.


>Stabilizer Master batch:- It prevents uPVC profile from the decomposition of uPVC formulation due to heat at a temperature exceeding 170°C and will enhance the uPVC profile's resistance to daylight. 


In the above image, we have clearly shown about components used in the manufacturing of the uPVC graph VS other uPVC profile manufacturers.


Now let us move to the next question Why uPVC for windows?


>UV resistant material.

>Longevity - Over 40/50 years.

> Resists Combustion 

> Insulation - Thermal & Acoustic 

> Cost Competitive 

> High Performance with Low maintenances 


What are the benefits of uPVC windows?


  1. Save on heating and cooling costs.
  2. No Painting or staining is required.
  3. Extremely durable and long-lasting.
  4. Economical.
  5. Insect proof.
  6. Salt water-resistant.
  7. Self-extinguishing in the fire.
  8. Easily customized.
  9. Wide selection of styles.
  10. Energy reduction during production. 

About Raw materials imported for other countries.


> Grey TPE, Rubber from the UK. 

> Calcium Carbonate (filler) from France.

> Lamination & Equipment & adhesive from Italy. 

> Titanium Dioxide, Stabilizer, decorative laminates from Germany.

> Extruders and extrusion Tools from Belgium.


All the above raw materials were imported and produced locally in India.


Unique Features of Encraft uPVC Profiles are as follows:- 


> Box steel re-enforcement for structural strength in outer frames. 

> Sash reinforcement is designed to support the surface of the sash systems for strength.

> TPE gasket for excellent sealing. 

> 100% local production to European standards with the latest technologies. 

> Innovative Products and designs with fast response to the market.

> In-House testing facility for weather performance and wind load. 


With these above-mentioned few words, we would like to end our blog if you're looking for more information about this please contact us at 91482 25555 we are always there for answer.