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At Windowfab as a uPVC fabricator, we never think of selling our products to customers. We first understand what customer's priorities, likes, dislikes is, and preferences then design a window or door as per their requirement choice. You need to understand your client first, then only you can successfully and efficiently provide services to the customer. 


Let's understand what all the points verified by the customer from the uPVC Fabricator are.


Unmatched Service & Care


Customer places an order, He expects the following from the fabricator – Delivery, Installation, and after-sales service runs smoothly and on right time. If everything goes smoothly, the Customer is Happy. If the customer is happy, then We are worry-free. We work with customers closely to avoid the repetition of work. At Windowfab repetition of work is absolutely ZERO. The makes us the unmatched service provider for uPVC Windows.


Windowfab understands the need for Quality & Punctuality. Thus, making the customer happy and recommending our products and services to their friends and family and also contacts us for his future projects.


High Ratio of customization


When customers are given the option to customize their uPVC profiles to suit their style and functional requirements, they are more likely to choose that option, sometimes even willing to pay extra for this feature. The range of customization options offered by Windowfab are not limited to the designs and dimensions of the uPVC Profiles but also includes customization in terms of lamination/color, glass, glazing, mesh, grill and original hardware that enhances the performance and security of the profile. 


Windowfab has the full range of designs, including profiles for uPVC Windows and doors. We can deliver Casement Window, Casement Doors, Sliding Windows, Sliding Doors, Villa windows, Tilt and Turn windows, Slide and Fold Doors. We aim to provide a variety of options to ensure that customers find everything they look forward to from any fabricator, finally under one roof. 



Unbelievable Quality Products

Windowfab profiles for windows and doors are manufactured with higher levels of Titanium Dioxide and lower levels of Calcium Carbonate to ensure that the profiles made out of us stable, retain their smooth finish, and do not discolor for long, long time.


We also employ cutting-edge German machinery & technology to ensure that we consistently churn out high-quality profiles that adhere to strict European standards. The multi-chambered sections of the uPVC profiles come with thicker walls, which increase the strength of Windowfab uPVC window and door profiles. The multi-point quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process ensure that the profiles you invest in are robust, durable, and deliver trouble-free performance for years. 


We ensure a quality product, delivered right on time, and supported by a wide network of professionals who are ready to address customers' concerns in uPVC windows and doors.