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About uPVC

30 Jan 2020

Windowfab is a Bangalore based company which is involved in manufacturing the Windows and Doors which is made up of uPVC. uPVC is the cheapest and environmentally friendly raw material which is used in making profiles of windows and doors. The life of the uPVC is very high and requires very less maintenance. Once the frame is damaged, it can be reused to make the profile by a different process. It is thus making uPVC as the best way for creating profiles for windows and doors.


Before understanding uPVC, one should understand what PVC is? PVC is an abbreviated form of POLYVINYL CHLORIDE. PVC is one of the products of Fossil fuel, including Natural Gas. It was accidentally synthesized by a German chemist in the year 1872. It is the world’s third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. Mostly PVC available in three primary forms.

First one is PVC, which is softer and flexible, which is used in making of pipes. PVC pipes can be bent and are flexible by adding Plasticizers. (Common plasticizers are BPA and Phthalate)


The second one is Chlorinated PVC; Normally, PVC is used to make pipes, it handles chemicals. To resist the chemical, Chlorine is added in PVC. It is also called as cPVC.


The third one is a Rigid PVC, which are Hard not so flexible. This property can be used in different applications like Construction and for windows and doors, where high strength and durability is required. It is also used to replace the Cast Iron Drainage pipes. This rigid PVC is obtained by NOT adding Plasticizers in PVC. This is also called as uPVC.


uPVC means un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. This has Great strength and rigid in nature, which makes the uPVC to be used in Profile castings. Therefore, it is used to make Window profiles, Door profiles and in pipe forms. This material is not bio-degradable. But this can be recycled scientifically, as many as 140 times to use again.


The different materials used in making Windows and Doors are

  1. Wood: We need to cut Forest to make windows and doors. Which creates great eco problems on mother earth. It is costlier to maintain the wooden windows and doors.
  2. Aluminium: Aluminium is Hi strength material for Windows and doors. But it is not weather resistant. A common application of Aluminum windows and doors are at commercial places. It is Costlier.
  3. Fibreglass: With this material also, we can make windows and doors. It is hazardous to human health. It is softer. Some say that it can come with stand stiffness. But actually, it doesn’t.
  4. Fibrex: This material is again made out of wood chips and epoxy resin. Here still, it requires a lot of wood chips, which destroys forests around the world. This gives looks of wood finish.
  5. uPVC: In modern times, to replace the above-said products, uPVC is used. It doesn’t require wood or wood chips; it saves the forest, making the earth a better living place. It is cheaper and has Better insulation, Sound resistant, Anti-aging, Fire retardant, Good air tightness, Anti-theft provided with high-quality hardware, Pest resistant and finally last but not the least very easy to maintain.