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uPVC window and door frames have a lot of advantages over wooden and Aluminium window frames. The advantages are so genuine that no one can deny that the profiles are superior. The advantages are as follows. 


Windows made out of Windowfab uPVC profiles keep the inside of the building sealed. Thus making three times more effective at maintaining cool temperatures within a building. 



Windowfab uPVC profiles seal the water and have technovative drain system which makes water not to enter inside building and makes it flow technically outside. Even the walls are protected by sealing and drain system.



Windowfab uPVC Profiles doesn’t react with the saline water (Salt Water) (Sea Shore buildings).

Thus making it saline water-resistant profiles. 



Worlds the most dangerous chemical WATER and effects of humidity will be zero on the uPVC profiles. The profile will nor warp, rot or break in humid conditions.



Termites live on the diet “wood". Wherever it sees the wood, it starts eating it. Destroys the wood from inside and wood becomes hollow and weak.  uPVC profiles are not a diet of termites. So it protects the windows and doors compared to wooden Windows and wooden subframes for aluminium Windows.



Windowfab uPVC profiles are manufactured in such a way that it incorporates multi-point high-security locks. All the locks and fittings are screwed securely into the core steel of the profile frame.



Windowfab uses lead-free and environment-friendly uPVC profiles, which ensures us the blockage of pollution. We have made the profiles keeping in mind that India has different geological places with different weather conditions.



These profiles are designed in such a way that it doesn’t get affected by anything. So last for the lifetime of their use, Windowfab uPVC profiles never need painting and will look as good as new for decades. The company even offers a warranty in different patterns for profiles.



Profiles with heat insulation at least 2.2 times better than aluminium profiles, Windowfab uPVC profiles control Heat energy entering into a building.



India has all types of geological surfaces with WIND affecting the structures and windows. Keeping that in mind, profiles are designed in such a way that it will take hi wind pressure which is seen in hi-rise buildings. The pressure is taken care of by the uPVC profile and steel reinforcement inside the profile. 



Windowfabs uPVC profiles are designed with a double-seal (Rubber)system and soft seals at sides which reduces the noise level inside the building by 30-60dB.



uPVC is itself non-flammable. It will not allow the fire to catch up on the surfaces of profiles for an extended period. Which helps firefighters to extinguish the fire faster and protect the house. uPVC profiles are manufactured to DIN standards.