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You are building a house, and you are deciding on the Doors and Windows.  Always consider the following points while considering the doors and windows.

1. Maximum Security

2. Energy Efficiency

3. Long Life

4. No compromise on aesthetics (Style)

Generally, in India, People Consider uPVC Windows and Doors for the house. They are building except the Main Door (Entrance Door).

Once You decide on uPVC doors and windows, then You should look closely at the Choice of uPVC Doors and Windows because these uPVC doors and windows bring more benefits than that made of Wood and Steel but also fulfils all the above concerns.

India is a land of multi-culture, multi lifestyles, Multi Traditions, Multi Geological surfaces, Multi weather conditions, and, of course, Multi-Style of Arts and Aesthetics. You will not find traditional doors in Cities, but in villages, the doors are inspiring and exceptionally protective. They are thick, Solid, and have deep, beautifully carved on the wood surface. They are extra-ordinary and make them as the excellent choice for traditional homes.

But when it comes to Modern homes, you need to look into another angle of excellent Choice.

Windowfab makes the Doors and windows offer the best uPVC Doors and windows, which provides the best solutions for your requirements. Because the globe is looking towards renewable energy sources as the earth's non-renewable resources are getting finished. Soon we will be left with nothing. So, everyone looking at the multi-purpose products in all the fields. Thus, the uPVC doors and windows are the best option for the builders. Where village doors are secure and traditional, but they do not offer the light flow into the homes, they are not energy-saving, and maintenance is almost zero. 

Becoming highly preferred material for doors and windows

A perfectly safe and non-toxic material is uPVC and has some impressive accreditations to its credit. With tons of benefits and the ease of maintenance, uPVC is fast becoming the most preferred material for windows and doors for commercial and residential spaces.


uPVC benefits at-a-glance

  • uPVC profiles are easy to work with and fast to assemble and fabricate
  • Easy to maintain and clean – just a wipe with a damp cloth is enough
  • uPVC profiles are multi-chambered for high insulation, helping customers
    reduce their power bills
  • uPVC profiles are light in weight, making uPVC double or triple glazed
    windows quick and easy to fabricate and install
  • uPVC windows last for decades. They will also not lose their colour or fade
  • They can offer the fantastic look at wood. There are available in a variety of colour and laminate choices
  • Won’t rot, peel, chip or warp


Let's check one by one feature of the uPVC windows and doors made by Windowfab, in the next blogs.