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We at windowfab uPVC windows and doors always focus on quality and reliability. That is the reason why we selected LG Hausys for the fabrication of uPVC windows and doors. While selecting LG Hausys our main goal was to provide good quality uPVC windows and doors with international standards. We at windowfab uPVC windows and doors have completed around 1 Million Sq.ft in across Karnataka. It was very heartbreaking to hear that LG Hausys is discounting their supply of material to the Indian region due to various external factors. With this, we didn't stop manufacturing uPVC windows and doors. Instead, we switched to Encraft.


The main reason to select Encraft uPVC windows and doors in place of LG Hausys is below:- 


1) First and most reasons for switching to Encraft was because of Quality. As our main motto is to supply a quality product to the end-users. 


2) Encraft is Made in India product whereas raw material is imported from Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, UK. The reason why we selected the Indian profile is that Made in Indian goods has the longevity that Chinese items never gave in their whole lives. Why waste money on specific products that come without a guarantee.


3) Encraft uses a balanced amount of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) with the ‘highest’ UV light reflectivity and absorption capacity protects white pigmented uPVC profiles from fading and chalking. 


4) Encraft is the only profile that is tested for 12,000 hrs and approved in India. With longevity of over 40-50 years.


5) Now you will be wondering if it is manufactured in India it won't be according to the great standard. No, you’re wrong it is 100% local production to European standards with the latest technologies.


6) Coming part to the comparison of Encraft with LG Hausys is terms of 2 Track panel. LG is having FRAME SIZE = 60 X 50 & SASH SIZE = 38 X 60 were as Encraft has FRAME SIZE = 62 X 52 & SASH SIZE = 42 X 68. Now after seeing this comparison you can easily find out that there is an increase of 2mm which consumes more uPVC material and provide more benefit.


7) There are many other unique things about Encraft like they have special products on the market like 









8) Encraft has a high number of chambers in profile which makes the profile strong and it is more energy saving. 


Ultimately, we would like to conclude that Encraft profile is the best value-added product your home or building needs with advanced technology.