Eneku 53 Series

ENEKU 53 series are ideal for windows and French windows with or without roller shutters, external doors, fixed glazing and glazing for industrial and manufacturing use or for public and private constructions, in climate zones where conditions are harsh.

  • They are energy-efficient and a great energy saver.
  • They are robust, durable, and weather-resistant.
  • They come with excellent air and water tightness.
  • They provide a good level of noise reduction.
  • Advantages

  • Flexibility and ease of use.
  • Low thermal transmittance, best performance and luminosity.
  • High resistance and minimum maintenance.
  • The lightness of the profiles and tiny visible surface.
  • Wide range of profiles, shapes, openings, and finishes to make any kind of solution.
  • Performance

  • Profile heat transfer:UF=4.8 W/m2k(SG) 1.9W/m2k (DG)
  • Noise reduction: 39 dB
  • Air tightness: Class4
  • Water tightness: E750
  • Wind resistance: ClassB3
  • With the Signature Window’s Aluminium system, it is possible to build windows and doors with one or more leafs and many types of opening.

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