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Perfection Slide Door

Perfection Slide is a sliding system that combines sleek design with practical functionality. Its ability to provide excellent thermal performance, accommodate double-glazing, and support heavy loads makes it a versatile choice for various architectural and construction projects.

  • Design: The Perfection Slide system boasts a slender and essential design, characterized by a central node with a width of only 20 mm. This design element emphasizes a minimalist and modern aesthetic.
  • Thermal Break and Non-Thermal Break Options: The system offers both thermal break and non-thermal break solutions. This means it can cater to different requirements for insulation and energy efficiency.
  • Ease of Construction and Assembly: The design of the Perfection Slide system is aimed at maximizing ease during construction and assembly, making it convenient for installers.
  • Increased Glazed Surface: The reduced profile area of the system results in a larger glazed surface, allowing for more natural light to enter the space and potentially enhancing the aesthetics of the building.
  • Double-Glazing Compatibility: This system is designed to accommodate double-glazing, which can further improve energy efficiency and sound insulation.
  • High Thermal Performance: Thanks to the use of high-quality insulating materials and the innovative design, the ENEKU Perfection SLIDE system offers high performance in terms of thermal transmittance (Uw). This means it can help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and reduce energy consumption.
  • Innovative Handling Carriages: The adjustable handling carriages with parallel wheels are a notable innovation. They are capable of supporting heavy loads, up to 500 Kg for each shutter. This feature ensures the durability and stability of the sliding system, especially for larger and heavier doors or windows.
  • Advantages
  • Performance


  • Elegant and minimal design obtained by reducing the visible profile to the minimum possible.
  • Possibility of creating a large windows with very heavy doors
  • Maximum ease of construction and assembly
  • Possibility of completely embedding the frames and doors in the wall and floor.
  • High resistance, minimum maintenance


  • 156 mm Outer frame Depth
  • Maximum Frame Height up to 4500 mm
  • Maximum Frame Width 5800 mm
  • Maximum Sash Height up to 4500 mm (Vice-versa according to availability of glass)
  • Maximum Sash Width up to 2900 mm (vice-versa according to availability of glass)
  • Maximum load capacity up to 500 kg per sash
  • Internal Glazing options from 6 mm to 40 mm. Single, Double & Triple Glass
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