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EN Glass Facade by window fab appears to offer a comprehensive solution for architects and builders, providing a versatile, elegant, and high-performance system for creating a variety of facades with ease.

  • Simplicity: The facade system is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to create various types of facades. This simplicity likely extends to the installation and maintenance of the system.
  • Versatility: The system is versatile and can be used to create different types of facades, including vertical facades, sloping ones, roofs, cupolas, pyramids, tunnels, and polygons. This versatility allows for a wide range of architectural designs and applications.
  • Performance: While you mentioned performance, you didn't provide specific details. However, in the context of facade systems, performance could refer to factors such as insulation, weather resistance, energy efficiency, and structural integrity. A high-performance facade is essential for maintaining the building's functionality and comfort.
  • Architectural Elegance: The system is designed to enhance the architectural elegance of a building. This likely includes features that contribute to the aesthetics and overall visual appeal of the facade. It may involve the use of external coverings with various shapes, such as arches, to add personality and character to the building's exterior.
  • Minimum Visual Clutter: The system aims to minimize visual clutter on the facade. This could mean that the hardware and components used in the system are designed to be discreet and unobtrusive, allowing the building's architectural features to shine without distractions.
  • Advantages
  • Performance


  • Non-insulated aluminium mullion/transom facade system with horizontal and vertical cover caps.
  • Exclusive design due to minimal face widths of 50 & 65 mm and straightforward profile geometries.
  • Good airborne sound insulation with standard insulating glass
  • Light penetration & filtration
  • Maintenance free


  • 50 & 65 mm Frame Width
  • 100 & 135 mm Frame Depth
  • Maximum Frame Height in openable-2000 mm
  • Maximum Frame Width in openable-2000 mm
  • Maximum load capacity -200 kg per sash
  • Glazing options from 5 mm to 40 mm. Single, Double & Triple Glass
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