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The ENFOLD System appears to be a specialized architectural system designed to convert standard welded windows and doors into more versatile sliding, folding, or swing systems. It offers a unique alternative to other window and door configurations like 'concertina,' 'fold & slide,' or 'bi-fold' systems by utilizing individual panel movements.

  • Panel Movement: ENFOLD is designed to enable the movement of individual panels within the system. This allows for greater flexibility and customization in how the windows and doors are configured.
  • Invisible Hinges: The system can be manufactured with invisible hinges, which means that only 1 or 2 handles are visible, depending on the style chosen. This design choice can enhance the aesthetics of the windows and doors.
  • Face Mounted and 3D Hinges: ENFOLD offers versatility in hinge options. It can be manufactured with face-mounted hinges or fully adjustable 3D hinges, providing flexibility in installation and functionality.
  • Bottom-Loaded Sliding Panels: The sliding panels in the ENFOLD System are bottom-loaded. This design ensures that the panels do not drop, which can be a common issue with conventional 'fold & slide' systems. This feature enhances the reliability and ease of installation.
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