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Louvre Windows

Louvre windows seem to be a versatile option for those looking to balance natural light, air circulation, and weather protection in their windows. These features can be especially useful in areas with varying weather conditions or when you want to customize your indoor environment.

  • Horizontal Blade Design: Louvre windows feature horizontal blades that are positioned at an angle. This design allows them to admit light and air while preventing rain and direct sunlight from entering.
  • Fixed and Movable Louvre Options: There are two options available - fixed louvres with blades set at a fixed angle, and movable louvres that can be adjusted to change the angle of the blades as desired. The movable louvre option offers more control over ventilation and light.
  • Evenly Spaced Louvre Blades: The design of Louvre windows ensures that the louvre blades are evenly spaced across the entire size range. This helps maintain a consistent and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Laminated Finishes: These windows are available in laminated finishes, which can enhance their appearance and provide additional durability.
  • Fly Screen Option: Louvre systems offer a unique feature of incorporating fly screens into the design. This helps keep insects and pests out while still allowing for ventilation through the louvres.
  • Profile Depth Options: These windows come in two profile depth options - 42 mm and 62 mm. The choice of profile depth may depend on factors such as aesthetics, insulation requirements, and other architectural considerations.
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