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Pocket Sliding Door

Pocket Door Systems are indeed an innovative solution for optimizing space utilization and providing privacy in various settings

  • Space-Efficiency: Pocket Door Systems are designed to save space by sliding the doors into hidden pockets when they are open. This makes them a great choice for rooms where swinging or pivot doors are not practical due to space limitations.
  • Versatile Infills: It offers a range of infill options, allowing customers to choose the material and design that best suits their needs and preferences. This versatility ensures that the doors can be seamlessly integrated into different interior styles and settings.
  • Privacy and Flexibility: With both one and two-panel symmetrical options, Pocket Door Systems provide the flexibility to create privacy as needed. This is especially valuable in spaces where design constraints or aesthetics dictate specific requirements.
  • Efficient Use of Wall Space: Unlike traditional sliding doors that require wall space for their tracks, pocket doors make efficient use of wall space. When the doors are open, they disappear into concealed pockets, maximizing available space.
  • Hidden Design: The ability to hide the doors when they are not in use contributes to a clean and uncluttered appearance, making them suitable for rooms that need occasional concealment.
  • Advantages
  • Performance


  • Sash slides into the pocket wall to create a totally unobstructed openingy
  • Innovative design
  • Multi point locking for enhanced security
  • Smooth to operate
  • Contemporary and stylish with excellent aesthetics


  • 40 mm Outer frame Depth
  • Maximum Frame Height -3000 mm
  • Maximum Frame Width-3000 mm
  • Maximum Sash Height-3000 mm
  • Maximum Sash Width-1500 mm
  • Maximum load capacity -180kg per sash.
  • Internal Glazing options from 6 mm to 22 mm. Single, Double & Triple Glass
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