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Lift N Slide Doors

Lift n Slide Doors appear to be an innovative solution for larger openings, designed to provide unobstructed views and ease of operation.

  • Innovative Approach: It has introduced an innovative approach to traditional sliding doors with their Lift n Slide Doors. This suggests that they have enhanced the functionality of sliding doors to meet specific needs.
  • Unobstructed Views: These doors are designed for larger openings, which means they are likely suitable for applications where maximizing the view is important, such as in homes with scenic vistas or properties with beautiful outdoor landscapes.
  • Handle Operation: The mention of rotating the handle 180° to lift the door off its seals indicates that these doors have a unique operating mechanism. This feature can make it easy to transition between fully sealed and fully open positions.
  • Ease of Function: It emphasizes that their engineering precision ensures ease of function in both sliding and lifting operations. This suggests that the doors are designed for smooth and effortless use.
  • Brand Reputation: It is described as a leading fenestration brand in the country. This reputation implies a certain level of trust and reliability in their products and engineering.
  • Advantages
  • Easy handling due to perfectly aligned system technology.
  • Double compression seals protect against draught, dust & water
  • Internal glazing options from 4 mm single to 36 mm triple.
  • Heavy duty tandem rollers for smooth operation.
  • Secure hardware fitting into steel reinforcements as standard.
  • Energy saving due to excellent thermal property.
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