Sliding Window

Windowfab uPVC Sliding Windows are one of our most modern options. They go perfectly with your modern architecture and are also the most visually soothing. The easy sliding technology applied to these windows allows an easy exposure to the outside world. They give your living space a comfortable ambient look and also allow unrestricted entry of fresh air and natural sunlight because of their wide openings. These seem perfect for your modern interiors. It is a 2 track 2 panel system with slide to both the left and right. There are various fixed and joint options also available.  

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A Look on our products

UPVC Sliding Window - 2 Track 2 Panel
Sliding Window_2 Track_3 Panel
Sliding Window_2 Track_4 Panel
Sliding Window_3 Track_2 Panel_ With Mesh
Sliding Window_3 Track_3 Panel_ With Mesh